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Aime is licensed across Canada (except in Quebec, Nunavut and North West Territories). 2020 Mortgage Life Insurance is underwritten by Assumption Mutual Life Company.

Mortgage Protection Your Clients Deserve

In 2018, AIME Financial launched the 20/20 Mortgage Broker distribution initiative. Our goal is to make brokers more than distributors; we want them to be our partners. The goal of 20/20 is to supplement the Mortgage Brokers’ toolbox with a Mortgage Life Insurance alternative that has proven to convert better and offer competitive pricing for a much more flexible product.

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Insurance Humanized.

Millions of Canadians purchase Mortgage Life Insurance each year.  For some, it provides their families with life insurance coverage they might not otherwise be able to afford or qualify for.

Our goal with 20/20 is to help educate and insure as many Canadians as possible with fair, ethical, competitive and flexible products to:

  • Give them the peace of mind they need to live their best lives.  
  • Protect their families and ensure tragedy is not met with undue hardship.

We believe that this product is best distributed through trust based, face-to-face interaction. 

Brokers are entrusted with a client's most valuable investment - their home.  Through the application process, relationships are built and trust is established. There is an opportunity during and after this time to add value by shielding the customer's home purchase with cost-effective, flexible protection. 

By distributing 20/20, our goal is to arm broker-partners with a competitive, customer-friendly offering. 


20/20 was designed with the customer in mind.  We want to ensure that we can protect almost anyone at a fair price and with as much flexibility as possible. Nobody wants to talk about the "what if's". We want to change the narrative and empower individuals to make the right decisions to secure their family's future and gain peace of mind in the present. We want insurance to be about PROTECTING THOSE WHO MATTER MOST.

Consider distributing 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurance because:

  1. Most applicants between ages 25-50 will save at least 20% as compared to their bank premiums.
  2. Our conversion rates are much higher than our competitors, and we have significantly reduced attrition in our first year of operations.
  3. Our premiums are gender-neutral and do not discriminate between smokers and non-smokers.
  4. We have an outstanding lead generation, training, and marketing program. Our goal is not just to equip you with a strong offering, but also to set you up for success in your business.
  5. We have the best in class concierge service. Once you identify a lead, your assigned concierge will complete fulfillment and future support.
  6. We are backed by one of the strongest and most reputable underwriters in the industry, Assumption Life.

Here are some more comparisons...


Overhead, administrative costs and even broker commissions are passed on to the customer through their premiums.


20/20 is up to 20% cheaper. We've streamlined the traditional insurance model and offer a fully digitized, paperless mortgage protection product.


Plans are cancelled when a customer’s mortgage is moved to another lender or if the home is sold. They will have to re-qualify for mortgage life insurance, and as they are now older, they will typically have to pay higher premiums.


Coverage is not linked to the lender. The customer can, therefore, switch mortgage providers with no impact on their policy. Customers continue to pay the premium that was originally quoted when they signed up.


Claims are paid to the bank or the lender to pay off the mortgage.


The customer chooses the beneficiary. The beneficiary decides what to do with the funds. 


Premiums can change at any time with 30 days' notice.


A customer's 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurance premium will never increase.


Banks and some Insurance Companies offer group policies to customers. These plans can be terminated with 30 days' notice.


The policy is owned by the customer. Only the customer may cancel it.

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20/20 is built for everyone.  Clients between the age of 20-50 will enjoy significant savings in their premiums.  20/20 premiums are gender-neutral and do not discriminate between smokers and non-smokers. This product is excellent for entrepreneurs and any self-employed individuals/families.  20/20's bundled critical illness and disability coverages offer significantly more value than if either product was purchased individually.

20/20 provides the option to add critical illness coverage to your client's mortgage life insurance policy, which will pay them a lump sum of up to $300,000 if they suffered a heart attack, an acute stroke, or develop life-threatening cancer.

As with life coverage, critical illness coverage is intended to provide financial protection if something was to happen to your client before they paid their mortgage off. The amount of coverage is therefore reduced based on the same amortization formula as the life benefit and is clearly shown in the policy.

If your client purchases Disability Insurance with their 20/20 Mortgage Life policy, they are paid a monthly benefit if they are unable to work for more than 60 days due to sickness, injury, complications due to pregnancy, and any related medical conditions. In these cases, they will receive a monthly benefit payment equal to their monthly mortgage payment at the time of their application, up to a maximum of $3,000. They will receive their disability benefit each month, provided they remain totally disabled, for up to a maximum of 24 months. The monthly benefit will not be reduced if they pay off their mortgage. They can use the monthly payment for any purpose while they recover.

20/20 Mortgage Life + Disability includes a Disability Waiver of Premium benefit at no extra charge. This means that if they become disabled when the policy is in force no 20/20 Life or Disability premiums will be payable while they are receiving disability benefits, following a 60-day waiting period.

You 2.0 is an AI driven Wellness APP that delivers micro activities specific to individuals. It is designed to maximize a user's probability of good health and longevity. Over the past three years, our team developed a health/wellness experience that you could INTEGRATE into your life, without INTERRUPTING it. There are over 300 micro activities delivered to you through gentle “nudges” during the course of your day with the intending to find the best approach to: ✓ Reduce stress ✓ Improve your health ✓ Sharpen your mind and overall wellbeing.

Mortgage Insurance + Wellness

We want your customers to get the protection they need for the people they love while living their best and healthiest lives. Brokers that partner with AIME to distribute 20/20 will get access to a co-branded You 2.0 wellness APP which can be provided to all policy holders at no extra cost. The primary intent is to drive and influence wellness through expert driven hydration, nutrition, mindfulness, fitness and financial content, activities and games. The benefit is offering every client a value add, multiple touch points and etching your brand into your customer's DNA. The result - repeat business, referrals, less attrition and greater satisfaction.

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Offering Your Clients Mortgage Life Insurance They Deserve

When we designed the 20/20 business model it was important to us that the product was positioned for broker success. Let’s be honest. You win trips and get invited to parties. But what do you really want? According to a survey we syndicated earlier in the year, here is what other Mortgage Brokers told us:

  1. We want a product that’s good for our clients.  
  2. We want a product that can help us convert new customers and repatriate lapsed ones as well.
  3. We want something that is easy to sell.
  4. We want to be a partner, not just a distributor.

We’re big research people.  We want you to know that we listened.  Here’s how:

  1. 20/20 is good for the client. It’s portable, we eliminate “fluids” and “poking”, it’s cost effective, we welcome smokers and the client chooses the beneficiary. This means, that if something happens, the beneficiary gets a cheque for the mortgage balance and can decide what to do with it.
  2. 20/20 is designed for conversion. In fact, our research tells us that a typical broker should be able to convert between 25-35% if they execute the sale properly. We also have designed a marketing program specifically to target lapsed customers. This has been shown to generate direct revenue as well as contribute to word of mouth referrals.  
  3. 20/20 is very easy to sell. It has Canada’s FIRST end to end digital fulfillment platform and applications are approved in under 10 minutes.
  4. Every 20/20 distributor is a partner. We believe in reciprocal relationships. If you entrust 20/20 to your clients, we want to reciprocate by helping you build your business. We’ve launched the 20/20 Academy in partnership with some of the country’s top marketers so that you have access to formulas, best practices and tactics that are proven to grow your business. We focus on the “how”, not just the "what".

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