Undertaking extensive medical exams to qualify for mortgage life insurance can be a time-consuming hassle. Learn more about 20/20s streamlined application process and how we save you time and money. 

A home is one of the biggest purchases - and largest sources of debt - that a person can have. The ultimate financial safety net, mortgage life insurance is designed to protect your family from burdensome mortgage payments if you’re unable to provide an income any longer.

AIME has designed an innovative mortgage life insurance product that is free of many drawbacks of traditional mortgage life insurance, with added advantages including:

  • you are able to choose your beneficiary
  • it’s easier than ever to switch lenders
  • no need analysis is required
  • you can enjoy lower premiums
  • you’re approved instantly

A Mortgage Life Insurance Policy That Always Works In Your Favor

Our unique life insurance company has stepped up and developed a brand new, custom solution to cover all your specific mortgage life insurance needs without the hassles and extensive underwriting of traditional MLI.

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What is a Mortgage Life Insurance Medical Exam?

The life insurance medical exam is an opportunity for the provider to review your medical history and basic information that was used to make your application. The medical exam is usually performed by a qualified medical professional such as a nurse.

What Questions to Expect During the Medical Exam

  1. Your medical history, including any hospitalizations, medications, procedures you’ve had, or conditions. You’ll be asked a series of questions that will give you the opportunity to reveal your full history. This also includes your family’s medical history.

  2. The name, address, and phone number of your primary care physician, as well as any other doctors who you’ve visited in the past few years for special consults or medical situation.

  3. Any lifestyle habits you have such as smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, and exercise.

  4. If you suffer from any conditions such as depression or anxiety and if you’ve been hospitalized for any of these conditions.


4 Procedures to Expect During a Medical Exam

Apart from asking questions about your health and medical history, your examiner will also require you to undergo some procedures including:

  1. Measurement of your height and weight. This is to understand your physique and evaluate your BMI and obesity risk

  2. Measurement of your blood pressure and pulse. This is to evaluate your heart health, as well as your risk for high blood pressure and hypertension.

  3. Blood work. This is to check things such as cholesterol, glucose, protein, and HIV

  4. Urinalysis. This is to evaluate the health of your body’s digestion and filtration systems. Your examiner will also screen the sample for the byproducts of recreational drug use.


Mortgage Life Insurance Without Extensive Medical Exams

Unlike with bank-issued mortgage life insurance, where they may decide if you qualify only AFTER a claim is made (meaning your family may end up with nothing), with AIME, you’re approved instantly!

No extensive medical tests required

A big benefit of obtaining an AIME mortgage life insurance policy is the fact that we don’t require you to undergo an extensive medical examination. To be approved:

  • You just have to answer 5-6 simple health questions
  • NO medical tests or physicals are needed
  • NO blood work is required

Based on the questionnaire, our team confirms immediately online, or through our agent, whether or not you have been approved for the mortgage life insurance. If you have, a policy is sent out by e-mail.


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