While you may have a clean bill of health today, you never know when an injury might occur. Here’s how mortgage life protection can help ensure you receive a consistent income, despite any unexpected disability. 

Mortgage Life Protection is a form of insurance that covers your mortgage payments or pays off your entire mortgage balance in the event that something happens to you. 

Types Of Mortgage Insurance

  • Death Benefit - It pays off the mortgage in case of your sudden demise
  • Critical Illness Benefit - It pays out a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a specific illness or medical condition.
  • Disability Benefit - Provides your family financial stability in the event that an injury or disability is preventing you from working.

Customisable Mortgage Life Protection Policies

The 20/20 team understands that life is unpredictable, which is why we offer affordable, customisable, and comprehensive mortgage life protection policies to suit your family’s individual needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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3 Reasons To Purchase A Mortgage Life Disability Rider

When you have assets such as a home, it’s important to take measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. Disability insurance covers you from loss of income when an accident or injury occurs as it’s designed specifically to help you cover your expenses when you’re unable to work.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider adding disability insurance to your coverage:

1. Your Dependants Need Your Income

If you are single and childless, you may not necessarily require disability insurance. However, a disability insurance policy is ideal for individuals who have someone dependent on their income such as:

  • a spouse
  • a child/children
  • an elderly parent

If this is the case, such a policy can ensure your family stays financially stable in all situations and this safety net will provide you with such much-needed peace of mind.

Do you worry about what will happen to your home if you become injured or disabled? With the right mortgage protection insurance, you no longer have to! You can rest assured that your payments will always be made, regardless of the circumstances.

2. It’s Not as Expensive As You Might Have Heard

Disability insurance premiums can cost as little as 1% of your income and, depending on your policy, the insurance can cover up to two-thirds of your income, should you develop an injury or disability. That’s not much to pay for total peace of mind - and security for your loved ones.

Disability Coverage

3. Even Office Workers Can Become Disabled

Are you hesitating to purchase disability insurance because you work in an office? Do you think injuries only happen to construction workers, or people with other dangerous and more physical jobs? Then think again.

Even office jobs that involve sitting down all day and typing on a computer, come with their own risk factors (such as a repetitive stress injury), so no matter your type of employment, investing in disability insurance is always a good idea.

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If you have any health concerns or job-related risks that could cause a disability, it’s important to look into mortgage protection insurance policies. These come with many options including critical illness coverage and disability coverage, so makes sure to shop around before making a final decision.

REMEMBER: You need to know the details of the policy before you commit, so talk to a qualified agent and make sure to ask:

  • What the policy covers
  • The monthly cost
  • The payout you can expect
  • The policy term
  • Any other features that are important to you and your family

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