After getting life insurance, you definitely deserve to relax and enjoy the security that comes with knowing your loved ones are protected. However, to get total peace of mind, it’s a great idea to spend a few moments getting organized to ensure that all of your important policy details are accessible when you need them.

Why You Should Organize Your Insurance Documents Carefully

There may be times when you need to quickly get in touch with your insurance company. Having the right contact information on hand reduces stress and allows you to easily accomplish that task.

Common Reasons Policy Holders Contact Their Life Insurance Companies:

  • A Change in Address, Personal/Contact Information, Or Banking Details - Keeping this up to date is essential so that your insurance company can properly send you any required correspondence. Additionally, if you pay your premiums via withdrawal, it is important that your company has the correct information on hand.
  • A Change in Beneficiary - With 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurance, you can choose your beneficiary and can change it at any time. For example, you might decide to update your policy benificiary after the birth of a new child.
  • Making A Claim - If your loved ones need to get in touch with your insurance company, being able to access the policy details alongside other key documents can allow them to complete this process without any undue stress.


10 Tips Organize Your New Mortgage Life Insurance Policy Information In Less Than 20 Minutes

Organizing your insurance documents doesn’t mean you need to spend hours sorting your documents. If your policy is new, it can be simple to start good organization habits early, while all of the details are fresh in your mind and the documents are on hand. 

Remember to note down the following:

  1. The name and location of the company that issued the policy.
  2. The name & headquarters of the group (if it's a group of companies).
  3. The policy number, type, and issue date.
  4. The amount of the death benefit.
  5. The name and contact info of the agent/broker who sold you the policy.
  6. The of the original life insurance policy document.
  7. Contact information for the company.
  8. Any relevant customer service or toll-free numbers.
  9. The number to call to make a claim.
  10. For even more accuracy, note down the name of the individual you last spoke to about your policy when making any changes.

Keep your policy information:

  • At home close or next to your financial and legal records such as your will, and ensure your loved ones knows where to find them.
  • “Off-site”, such as in a safe deposit box or with a professional or a relative who can be counted on to produce the documents if needed.

Remember: Keep track of any ongoing correspondence with your insurance provider in order to ensure that you maintain the most up-to-date information. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing Your Insurance Policy and Contact Information

Q: I want to switch to 20/20, and I’m trying to search for the insurance company my policy is with online, but I can’t find much information! Help!

A: We've received variants of this question from policyholders who are considering switching to 20/20. Most insurance companies do have a website, so this can be a good place to start.

  • If your company does not have a website, and your policy is older, it is possible that your company changed names, or was purchased by another insurance company.
  • It may be beneficial to check your records and see if you received any information advising you of a change, or to do a little research online to see if your company has had any change in name.
  • If you're completely unsure where to start, check with your bank or broker for additional information. 


Q: How Do I Make A Claim For A Family Member?

A: When you need to make a claim for 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurance, 20/20 Flex, or many other companies, the first thing to do is to look up the contact information that you have on hand. The next most important things are the policyholder name and number. Let the team member know that you would like to make a claim, and they will help guide you through the process.


Q: I Have Lost The Official Copy Of My Policy, Is It Possible To Get A New One?

A: If you know the name of your insurance company, your insurance policy providers will be able to provide you with a copy of your policy.


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